Is it possible to disable the “cancel if the file ...
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Is it possible to disable the “cancel if the file system changes”? I know there’s a --loop option, but my usual workflow doing development is run a script, make some (maybe unrelated) changes while I wait for it to crash, read the logs, repeat, so looping would get in the way of that a bit.
There is
, but it doesn't work with Pantsd (the Pants daemon) which is a substantial performance boost @ancient-vegetable-10556 do you remember why Pantsd can't work with this option?
I don’t recall it getting in the way of
, just that it allows you to switch off a feature that isn’t necessary if you don’t need
from it's help
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`pantsd` or `loop` may not be enabled.
I'm wondering why
cannot be enabled. Makes sense with
Oh, because this literally turns off file watching entirely, so the daemon wouldn't pick up changes between Pants runs (aka "sessions") Hm, so we would want a new option like
, I think