`pants==2.8.0` I need multiple tags for every dock...
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I need multiple tags for every docker image. pants build them corectllt. When I want to push them
./pants publish ::
I get an error from docker.
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11:56:49.04 [INFO] Initializing scheduler...
11:56:49.12 [INFO] Scheduler initialized.
11:56:51.83 [INFO] Completed: Building docker image dataprocessor_simple:local-sha +1 additional tag.
11:56:51.83 [INFO] Built docker images: 
  * dataprocessor_simple:local-sha
  * dataprocessor_simple:local-branch
"docker push" requires exactly 1 argument.
See 'docker push --help'.

Usage:  docker push [OPTIONS] NAME[:TAG]

Push an image or a repository to a registry

𐄂 dataprocessor_simple:local-sha failed.
𐄂 dataprocessor_simple:local-branch failed.
Is it a bug or a feature? 😉
Ah, sorry about that. It is a bug, that has been fixed, but not backported, apparently. (will look in which version of Pants..)
The fix was in https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/13764 and released with 2.9.0.dev3 on Dec 6.
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Just want to possibly clarify one thing here.. the image that was built in your log there, unless it has been redacted, the docker push would be:
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docker push dataprocessor_simple:local-sha
I’d guess you’d want to adjust the repo name of that image, or provide a custom registry if you did not intend to push to Docker hub?