Random "I did not expect that" of the day: I had a...
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Random "I did not expect that" of the day: I had a
target for building a docker container to include an entire source tree:
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files(sources=["**/*"], name="all_files")
... it didn't seem to include a "yarn.lock" file in that directory which was necessary for the build to proceed. I added it into the sources directly and it still didn't seem to be there. I ran with
and discovered that
were both missing (ie present in the original source tree, but not in the execution environment). Adding them to the
field directly didn't seem to help. I'm lightly baffled; any idea what I'm missing here?
Are those files ignored by
by chance?
Excellent, thanks. That's exactly the problem (I kept looking for pants ignores). I'm bemused because they're clearly in the git tree so I'm unsure what dev added them to the .gitignore, so I didn't think to look there. Brilliant (and sorry when you have those FAQs; I do check them but evidently the wrong parts of them)