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01/11/2022, 5:19 PM
Like Pants? Here are some ways you can help more people benefit: • Tell peers why you use Pants and who you think will benefit from Pants too. Spread the word! Whether that be in a casual chat, tweet, blog post, tutorial, presentation, or video. • Contribute to the collaborative spirit of the community by helping a fellow user on Slack or GitHub. • Star the project on GitHub It's an easy action that helps build exposure and momentum. • Contribute to the docs using the "Suggest Edits" button. • Contribute to the codebase by suggesting an idea, making a feature request, giving feedback on an issue or dev release, opening an issue, or starting a pull request. • List your organization or open source project on the Who Uses Pants page • Add a testimonial • Publish a case study of how your goals are being served by Pants. This is easily one of the most powerful things you can do! • Ask your organization to consider partnering with us on things like adding support for JavaScript, other languages, or a key new feature. The more resources, the faster we can add that one more thing you've been eagerly waiting for...