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01/12/2022, 5:07 PM
In #welcome we see a lot of people enter the community at the point where they are sorting out either/both (a) whether and how to convert to a monorepo or (b) whether and how to adopt a formal build system instead of an ad hoc solution. Would it be helpful for folks if we created some tutorials about either/both of those topics? If so, what specifically are questions that would be helpful to address in greater detail than current resources on and elsewhere? What gaps could we fill to make it easier for you to make good decisions for your org, and move forward with those confidently?


01/12/2022, 5:10 PM
I definitely think (a) could be improved in the docs. Right now it kind of (gently) drops you into the deep end of Pants (I.e. Pants for format/lint/check/test) I'm no wordsmith, but I think the docs could start at the shallow end and work it's way to the deep end.
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If/when we have a case study for our rollout, that would be an interesting resource. Perhaps other case studies as well.
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Having a Pants maintainer look at the case studies could also help mold the docs


01/12/2022, 5:21 PM
I would love to read a case study from you @bitter-ability-32190, even an in-progress one.! You're already deep enough in that there are plenty of folks who'd benefit from getting from their point A to where you are so far. This is true of anyone else reading too: please do blog about your adoption process. Hearing how others tackled those challenges -- even just a quick overview of what challenges to anticipate -- can be hugely helpful to the next person. Anyone is invited to ping me about contributing a post to, or please do post to your own personal or organizational blog.
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Knowing where the shallow end is located is a challenge for the maintainers, most of whom have been working with Pants for many years so don't have the advantage of Beginners Mind anymore. Helping us identify where the shallow end truly is, what the most basic starting points are that we've unintentionally rushed past, etc would be hugely helpful and are insights that probably can only come from relatively-new users. So yeah, let's talk nitty-gritty: what have we skipped?
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01/12/2022, 5:37 PM
I agree with Josh above, "gently into the deep end" is a great description of it. Which is totally fine if you're already sold on the move, but if you're hesitant, it's a bit overwhelming. I'm working on a few articles for my blog over the next month or so on transitioning a project to Pants, as well as creating a custom plugin. I'll post them here whenever they launch
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01/12/2022, 5:41 PM
@wide-midnight-78598 fantastic! Thank you for both the plugin work and the writing. I look forward to your progress on both. I lead dev relations for Pants, and the project's lead sponsor Toolchain, so feel free to ping me if there's anything we can do to assist or coordinate.
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