Hey all, can anyone point me to the ticket where "...
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Hey all, can anyone point me to the ticket where "interpreter_search_paths" was removed in 2.10.0.dev1? I am trying to find out why and what the alternatives are, and I am having trouble finding it via github search
you should be presented with the migration path in the cli output.. is that not the case?
if going from a 2.9.0.dev release, try the stable 2.9.0 first, in case it was being deprecated in a later dev..
yep, tl:dr is that it's now
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thank you!
And to your question @curved-television-6568 - I had upgraded into 2.9.0dev3 to work around the bug related to publish / docker push on images with multiple tags. So I probably missed the chance to see the cli output you referred to (which is on me for using a dev branch anyway).
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ah, yea: we recommend bumping one stable version at a time: https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/upgrade-tips … in this case, i think that that means upgrading to
before moving on to
. sorry for the trouble there.