Hello, I'm evaluating pants as a build solution fo...
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Hello, I'm evaluating pants as a build solution for my team and I wanted to know your roadmap for the docker backend. Its currently labeled
does this mean it is in beta? When will it go GA?
Hey Victor, welcome! Glad to have you here Good question - @curved-television-6568 thoughts if we're ready to stabilize Docker in 2.10? At this point, it seems like we're mostly only improving and adding new features. We've had it released for two stable releases and lots of users are using it now
Great to hear, thank you for the quick response.
Yeah, I think the core features serves well. There's still more to add, but the foundation seems stable enough. (The first version with docker support was 2.7 even ;) )
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Awesome! Want to do the honors of stabilizing? (Meaning add a new
, and add
to the experimental one saying how to migrate to the stable backend)
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from an outsider’s perspective, i can say that https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/13682 is the thing that would be most likely to shake up the API. but it’s entirely possible that since things are mostly declarative, it wouldn’t actually require API changes.
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And we can also handle API changes with deprecation policy
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