hey team :slightly_smiling_face: I am working on a...
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hey team 🙂 I am working on a blog post that should help Pants users to decide on the strategy of choosing the Python interpreter for their project. This is a massive topic, but I hope I was able to highlight at least some of the key things to keep in mind and shed light on pros and cons of what I think would be sensible strategies. Comments are very welcome! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IQk3pM3YKLypwvw0Y8vMq8jRAJ9J0n-0xZ-GhbuFPE4/edit?usp=sharing @busy-vase-39202
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Nice! My comments were very minor. @hundreds-father-404 @ancient-vegetable-10556 would you give it a quick technical review?
(Not necessarily today. This is another one queuing up for publication next week.)
this looks great. seems ready to go to me.
thank you so much, @witty-crayon-22786! Christopher will take a look at this some time soon, so I’ll be able to publish this some time early next week. I’ll stay in touch with Carina on this.
Thank you both 💃
hey @happy-kitchen-89482 @ancient-vegetable-10556 @busy-vase-39202 thanks a lot for all the input on the blog! After I’ve addressed (hope so!) all your comments and concerns, I think the post is in much better shape. I’ve deemphasized the Xcode’s Python noting every caveat associated with it and tried to maintain a neutral tone, showing all alternatives. I’ve just read through it a few times making subtle stylistic changes (however, once approved, I’ll make sure the style is right and will run a grammar check etc). Whenever you have time to skim through, I’d appreciate receiving a blessing from you!
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And I use the "prayer hands" emoji in both the "thank you" sense and the "blessing" sense 🙂
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Same. I love this version, and look forward to linking to it throughout the docs.