Random comment. A good starting point for getting...
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Random comment. A good starting point for getting a feel for the Pantsbuild system as a new user is the “Key concepts” chapter under “Using Pants”: https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/goals 😉
Thanks for pointing that out! Is there a different page name, or how the docs present the content, that would help make clearer that it's a good starting point?
Not sure. I think “Using Pants” and “Key Concepts” are pretty good names for what they are already.
It was a question I noticed poped up, but that disappeared(?!) before I got a chance to reply for which I’d fetched that link… so thought it could be helpful nonetheless.. 🙂
I wonder if it would be helpful to move Key Concepts up to the Getting Started section. Thoughts...?
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Great suggestion, Carina
With that suggestion, I think we could go back to calling the folder "Key Concepts" or "Key Concepts To Know". It's a bit long right now
Sounds good.