Is there any guidance for using pantsbuild with mu...
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Is there any guidance for using pantsbuild with multi-repos that may have dependencies?
To clarify the question, is this similar to ?
I think so, I didn’t have this particular mechanism in mind, but was looking for guidance how to use pants with multiple repositories. The options I could think of: • Build packages and publish to and consume from language specific repositories • Use git submodules and reference pants targets • A pants specific mechanism like the http_archive for bazel Just in general: What’s pants approach here?
I was using submodules as I had some configuration files that I wanted to share across repositories
cc @worried-bird-21785: bringing the conversation into this thread
there is a (lightly used, so possibly a little bit rough) facility to support git submodules:
if your subprojects have compatible BUILD files to the parent project, you can add them as submodules, and then add those submodules to the
but when i say “have compatible BUILD files”, i mean: the
of any subprojects will be completely ignored, so they need to be 100% compatible.
as mentioned, this is rarely used: lots of folks are creating monorepos at the same time as they migrate to Pants, rather than creating multiple Pants repositories and then merging them.
but it should work.
Thanks, that’s great! Personally I’m not converting to using a monorepo, but want to use Pant’s to build a repo that is e.g. scoped to stuff that makes a “service in the cloud” like some lambda functions and a container and the deployment code for that.
I don’t intend to merge it with the other repos it depends on.