is order enforced during ```./pants package :: ``...
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is order enforced during
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./pants package ::
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./pants build ::
while I wait for go + protobuf support, I am wondering if it’s possible to use target to compile the proto files manually before processing the go build process
What order are you speaking of? The only obvious ordering Pants respects are data dependencies. So if you introduce an
target, properly configure its
field to capture the generated go files, and then add that target as a manual dependency to the go target that needs to consume the generated files - you have a fighting chance and should give it a whirl since you've then established the data dependency. If you're speaking of the order a
glob expands targets to and those targets are consumed by the engine, only the data dependency ordering mentioned can really be relied upon.
If you do give this a whirl, please report back either way. This is ~exactly the sort of thing
should allow an escape hatch for and so it would be good to know if its working or not for this sort of case.
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ill give it a shot, thanks john