Hello all, wondering if you would be interested in...
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Hello all, wondering if you would be interested in a contribution for
WSDL -> Java
backend? I have a working one implementation that Id be happy to share. Hopefully it’s less controversial than the Helm plugin we had a chat about already 😅
@fast-nail-55400 has been working / thinking in JVM and codegen and is best positioned to answer, but, in general, I think as long as a codegen addition is not too niche (and thus more of a maintenance burden and less of a widely used boon), we're interested.
I’m actively working on https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/14258 which is a prerequisite for codegen for compiled languages to work.
so probably interested, wsdl->Java doesn’t sound too niche. would need to evaluate it properly though. but need to get compiled language codegen working first.
@witty-family-13337 would you mind opening a ticket with that offer, so it doesn't get lost to the Slack scrollback/expiry? We'll certainly want to revisit the conversation after the codegen work is settled in.
Also, thank you for offering!
I will, also @fast-nail-55400 comments explains why Pants doesn't compile the generated files
We would love this contribution, thanks! As soon as compiled codegen works properly, so maybe ping back here in a week or two?
sure, I’ll come around here in a couple of weeks
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