Hey Pants Team, we're experimenting with docker bu...
# general
Hey Pants Team, we're experimenting with docker builds on a M1 mac and we're experiencing an issue with running pants. We get a
output with no additional info. We're trying to run with
but no success just yet. Created this gist for logs.
Hm. Iirc you had some users who got this working? Or this is all your M1 users?
yeah this affecting all M1 users at the moment. We're running into different issue where they can't run pants on their host and now within the docker image
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I pushed a example of a simple project here: https://github.com/njgrisafi/pants-example/tree/grpc-example
what we instructed M1 users to do is run
docker buildx build --platform linux/amd64 . -t test-pants
and that seems to work but pants is not able to run commands atm
I have other debug logs I can share for running pants on host with errors