We're interested in getting more insight into whic...
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We're interested in getting more insight into which of your biggest pain points Pants has had the greatest impact on for you. What were you experiencing the most pain on before? How did Pants make a difference? Thanks for helping us learn more about where our team's efforts have been most meaningful for your team!
Absolute BIGGEST ones: • ~hundred line BUILD files going poof! with dep inference ◦ I suspect we have huge Python files because people didn't want to deal with the overhead of updating BUILD files • Likewise, now I don't have to worry about my pytest `conftest`s not showing up in a particular test (E.g. I have a top-level pytest which tries and mocks/stubs non-hermetic things like
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Awww, that's so great to know. Really helpful. More pain points please folks!
More descriptions of pain points, that is... 🤣