Hi guys, Does anybody else face an error with gola...
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Hi guys, Does anybody else face an error with golang:
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go: updates to go.mod needed, disabled by -mod=readonly; to update it:
        go mod tidy
Thought that it’s because of my local go versions or something, but an example from here works fine on my system, even if delete go.mod and go.sum and create it by myself. What could be the problem. My go.mod looks like:
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// private repo
module <http://github.com/{my-org}/{repo}|github.com/{my-org}/{repo}>

go 1.17

require (
	<http://github.com/aws/aws-lambda-go|github.com/aws/aws-lambda-go> v1.28.0
	<http://github.com/fnproject/fdk-go|github.com/fnproject/fdk-go> v0.0.16
	<http://github.com/tencentyun/scf-go-lib|github.com/tencentyun/scf-go-lib> v0.0.0-20211123032342-f972dcd16ff6
Hello! What Pants version is this? We redesigned how this is handled in Pants 2.10 to be much better, so we recommend using Pants 2.10.0rc2
Thank you! I will give it a try. We are still on 2.9
Cool, let us know how it goes! Check out https://www.pantsbuild.org/v2.10/docs/upgrade-tips for upgrade tips
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