Hi! Curious if any MacOS Pants user ever tried and...
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Hi! Curious if any MacOS Pants user ever tried and succeeded to pass a DYLD environment variable to a Pants process (e.g. a Python test)? • I’m trying to pass
. I set it in
, set the environment variable and then call
./pants test ::
. • But it looks like MacOS System Integrity Protection is preventing me to pass the DYLD environment variable to
, because it’s running a
binary, which is protected by the SIP. • I understand this is not a Pants issue, but curious if anybody had found a workaround? • Note: the issue has been documented in several StackOverflow questions, but the workarounds are not super practical (e.g. copy the bash executable outside of
Hmm, I don't think we've encountered this before. Would have to learn more about SIP to express an opinion.
One thing though - you don't have to run Pants via
(although it is recommended).
You might be able to cobble together an alternative that doesn't run afoul of SIP