TIL `./pants filter` combined with `--tag` doesn't...
# general
./pants filter
combined with
doesn't do what you'd think when, say, passing a list of targets to it via xargs, or giving a list of literal targets:
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# item with a few tags
❯ ./pants peek tests/config_validation/test_verify_alert_rules.py | jq -r '.[0].tags | join(" ")'
local config
# let's try filtering with another tag
❯ ./pants --tag=unit filter tests/config_validation/test_verify_alert_rules.py
# oops! we need tag-regex
❯ ./pants filter --tag-regex='^unit$' tests/config_validation/test_verify_alert_rules.py
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Likely https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/11123, which we'd love help with implementing if you had a chance. I could write better instructions if interested
we'd love help with implementing if you had a chance
I really would love to help. But I've been trying to help with that ARM CI thing too and not making much progress because I tend to struggle to spend time coding when I'm off work. I don't want to promise anything 😩 Helping with docs is a bit of a lower bar, in that I can propose a quick fix on README and move on.