When developing a python library distribution, it’...
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When developing a python library distribution, it’s a bit restrictive to have it’s dependencies be locked to a specific version. What I’m missing is a
field/option but for 3rdparty deps of a
so that consumers of my lib are not tied down to exact versions of the transitive deps, as that makes it harder to maintain in case there are multiple libraries depending on the same 3rdparty deps, when released at different times, there could be compatible differences in patch versions for instance.
Does this make sense to any one else, or is it just me? (this is less of a thing when you’re developing in a monorepo, but we’re not there yet)
nvm, it was something else that tripped up my pip resolves, leading me to wrong conclusions.
we use whatever the original
is - so if you pin there, we stay pinned
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