Hello! I got here following this closed thread on ...
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Hello! I got here following this closed thread on github: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/12193#issuecomment-1017752704. I also see another earlier slack thread talking about it here: https://pantsbuild.slack.com/archives/C046T6T9U/p1641218842073100 My question is, it doesn't appear the fixes apply to 1.26 for on a macbook m1. Is there anyone else able to confirm this issue as well? My output is:
Hmm I don't know what this is about
I suggest moving
and rerunning just to see if it's some issue with that
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Yeah I'm not sure either. Also does
./pants --version
work? That is what the linked to docs are all about: how to get Pants itself to run
Hi! Sorry I have a newborn and am severely sleep deprived atm... haha. Sorry for not providing context
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I forgot the command I'm sending is a custom command snippet that pretty much handles creation of a pycharm project based upon our mono repo, using pants
but running just the simple
./pants --version
produces the same result:
I've gone through rosetta in getting python installed on my m1 macbook,
this pants configuration works on debian based systems at my work, but I'm the first adopter/guinea pig of the new m1 macbook
and it's so far not fairing well
Here's the pants toml as well for more context:
is making a jump to pants version 1.30.0 monumental WRT the transition from 1.26? Curious if anyone has any input on that
we have a long pole task of upgrading our pants instance, but I just need my dev machine working atm
Which languages are you using? Could you upgrade to 2.x at some point?
I don't think 1.26->1.30 is a huge stretch, but I also don't know for certain that it would solve this problem
Oh I see you're using the node plugin
You are running with
arch -x86_64
, so I would have expected this to work. And it is getting as far as resolving and running Pants itself, but it then gets stuck on plugin resolution.
Did you try
mv /Users/pyoum/.cache/pants /Users/pyoum/.cache/pants.bak
and also
mv .pants.d .pants.d.bak
in the repo?
I wonder if the plugin resolver state is contaminated
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Hi Benjy, I did move the cache , but not the other .pants folders
I'll try that now!
odd that I haven't gotten notifications on this thread
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hmm no dice. I've moved the pants cache, as well as moved the
This is mysterious to me: The fact that this is running in
tells me that it is trying to bootstrap as x86, which is good.
And it does manage to download and run the main Pants wheel, as evidenced by:
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New virtual environment successfully created at /Users/pyoum/.cache/pants/setup/bootstrap-Darwin-x86_64/1.26.0_py36.
18:13:05 [INFO] Resolving new plugins...:
That is Pants itself running
but then when it resolves its own plugins, it fails on arch mismatch. So it looks like, for some reason, plugin resolution is trying to use the underlying arm64 architecture instead of x86.
I will have to take a peek at the 1.26.x code
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@swift-chef-48262 can you open a ticket for this at https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/new/choose ? It'll be good to move the conversation to a ticket, so we have documentation of all this instead of relying on ephemeral Slack threads...
And link to that ticket here? Thanks
Also, one thing to try is to run the whole thing in a terminal running under Rosetta (Applications > Utilities, right click Terminal, click on get-info and tick the Open Using Rosetta checkbox)
unfortunately under rosetta it is still doing the same exact thing