Docs on Python third-party dependencies are rewrit...
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Docs on Python third-party dependencies are rewritten to talk about the highly-requested feature of proper lockfiles (e.g. --hash support) and multiple lockfile support! As discussed there, these features are both ready to be used in Pants 2.10, with the big caveat that Pants's automated generation of the lockfiles might not yet work in your repo. Feedback welcomed šŸ„³
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How do you know if you have one of those might-not-yet-work cases? šŸ™ˆ Tried the resolves feature out just now with a Pants-generated lockfile and was met by this by one of the dependencies when running `check`:
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FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/jyggen/.cache/pants/named_caches/pex_root/installed_wheels/6df278b7f2d4b866f31b7a6945c5b0fcdf94a848/h3-3.7.3-cp39-cp39-macosx_12_0_arm64.whl/../cmake/h3/h3Config.cmake' -> '/Users/jyggen/.cache/pants/named_caches/pex_root/venvs/696bed6322b4b0abe5c0c8926f144da78ef240c2/dc75e46d13c17653e6d4528ceac358c3b0fd0764.4026e004802e499fb6e087a916933ac6/lib/python3.9/site-packages/../cmake/h3/h3Config.cmake'
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The docs try to explain it, but basically: ā€¢ 3 categorical times it won't work ā€¢ an edge case you are likely to encounter and how to workaround it For this particular issue you're getting, huh..Could you please move that to either #development or a GitHub issue so that we can debug there?
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Jonas pointed out that Pants 2.10.0rc3 is unlikely to work due to some Pex issues that were recently fixed. I'm doing a release later today; otherwise early adopters can set