Is there any way to gain back the `entry_points` c...
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Is there any way to gain back the
capability that exists with
in pants? Maybe like some kind of path alias or something in
Yes, but for use in the repo (and not just the distributed form of it). In our venv set up, I could do
with the venv active. Now I have to do
./pants run potentially/long/path/to/
each time
Ah, have you seen setting up CLI aliases? A brilliant contribution from @curved-television-6568. We don't publicize it enough, I'm not sure where it should live in the docs.
I definitely haven't. I think that's exactly what I'm needing!
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I think it would be great somewhere near incremental adoption (or wherever one would talk about going from a
like system to pants). Though I'm not sure how much others use entry points. We use them a lot at Astranis and the only reason people weren't complaining yet is because our venv usage hasn't been completely deprecated.
Just tried it out and it worked perfectly.
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Incremental adoption is definitely the best place I can think of too, other than if we added a "tips and tricks" page that sort of compliments