Hi everybody! I have a problem that.. I think migh...
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Hi everybody! I have a problem that.. I think might be related to something we were experiencing earlier (that I think has gotten fixed in a more recent version of pants?) Anyway we run our builds on circleci and are using their caching facilities to store/retrieve the pants cache we are getting - maybe every week and a half or two weeks - this error in our builds:
"Error storing Digest { hash: Fingerprint<734bd41218ea87070362108ef2424945f2c99700f6523a06ae7ee5f4ef2a09d4>, size_bytes: 2263 }: MDB_CORRUPTED: Located page was wrong type"
(I have the full logs if that's useful but I don't know if it contains much more information (the command was
./pants --no-dynamic-ui --spec-files=.targets.txt package
) Has anybody else experienced this? Is this is an issue with what & how we are saving in the cache? is it possible we need to like.. flush some file or something explicitly so the database is consistent? Or more generally does anyone have any idea if this is an issue with our code/files, circleci, pants or underlying in LMDB?
i don’t think that we’ve seen that one in particular, no. i’m not sure how common it is to cache the local cache… is it definitely being fully extracted after the cache hit, and not corrupted during download or extraction?
having said that, it wouldn’t be the first bug that we’ve encountered in LMDB, unfortunately.
oh so i'll re-review the guide for using it on circleci and see if I'm caching the wrong thing