Hi Pants! I want to generate a “runtime” Docker im...
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Hi Pants! I want to generate a “runtime” Docker image that contains the 1P and 3P dependencies for a subset of my codebase, but does not use a
as an entry point. I want to be able to import and use these 1P and 3P dependencies in code that is run inside of the Docker image. What is the “right way” to do this? I can think of a couple of options: 1. Make a
, then
RUN pip install …
it in my
. a. This probably won’t let me take advantage of Pants’ caching for the 3P dependencies 😕, is that right? 2. Make a
and use some fancy logic to “expand” the pex’s
in the
to make my 1P and 3P code importable a. It looks like I can build the pex in “venv” mode and then activate the venv. That works great in isolation, however, I need this to work inside of an active conda environment in the container, which doesn’t work 😅 (kind of strange i know I know haha) Thanks in advance and let me know if this question is unclear.
One way is to use a
with no
. Make sure your
has either
(or both). Then install your PEX like so: https://pex.readthedocs.io/en/v2.1.75-public-signed/recipes.html#pex-app-in-a-container. Finally, use that venv you installed like any other.
There are other benefits to this way of doing it outlined in that Pex documentation.
Can i install the dependencies of a pex into the global environment in a docker image? Some other tools in the base image expect to not use venvs, so it would make things more convenient to skip specifying and creating a venv
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Not in any clean way today. That would be a new feature. The
--scope deps
--scope srcs
options highlighted here 1st create a new venv and then add sources or deps to it. There would have to be a mode where they don't 1st create a new venv, but are just pointed at an existing one. Something like
PEX_TOOLS=1 /usr/local/bin/python3.10 /my-app.pex venv --update --scope=deps --compile /usr/local
. That example updates the
system installed Python 3.10 in this case (i.e.: it would populate
). If you have a need for that sort of feature, definitely file a Pex issue spelling all this out. If you want to try implementing the feature, I'm happy to help guide you.
Well, I guess you could actually try this @icy-hair-30586 :
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PEX_TOOLS=1 /usr/local/bin/python3.10 /my-app.pex repository extract --dest-dir /tmp/pex-deps-dump-wheels
/usr/local/bin/pip3.10 install --no-deps /tmp/pex-deps-dump-wheels/*.whl
That would get all the third party dependencies in your PEX file appropriate to the system Python 3.10 interpreter at
extracted as wheels and then installed in the site-packages of that system
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This is generally a very very bad idea for a system interpreter, but in a container image, it actually is harmless to try.
Now if this supported the
like the
command that would be perfect :)