Maybe dumb question – why do I see `Determine if n...
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Maybe dumb question – why do I see
Determine if necessary to partition MyPy input.
when running
over python files? I though that mypy ran for the
goal only.
There's was a typo where that string was copied for pylint
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Thank goodness it's that and not something worse
ok. good, my next question is why does it take so long? I don't have empirical data, but I have seen it run for 5+ minutes. This is when trying to lint the whole repo, which we rarely do. But it still seems suspiciously slow.
I would not expect it to take that long 😱 specifically for the "determe if necessary to partition step"?
i have been trying to find a way to get better logging for this. I wish each step would print the amount of time it took
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i mean, I really want OTel style tracing...
from a current run:
⠓ 65.83s Determine if necessary to partition MyPy input
and still going
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i have a branch that should fix this: it needs one more fix before i can land it though.
i’ll try to get it in on Monday.
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that PR has landed, and should improve the situation here significantly (although there is a semantic issue that we’ll need to tackle independently). i’m on the fence about cherry-picking it to
(which we’re hoping to cut Wednesday), but we could certainly do it in
…oh. we’re already going to do another 2.11.0rc. so yea, will pick for 2.11.0
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