Is it due to some exploratory execution where the ...
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Is it due to some exploratory execution where the same rule is executed multiple times to see which one completes first that gives rise to logs like these? 🧵
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09:34:58.02 [INFO] Canceled: Running experimental_shell_command pantsbuild:pants-config-files
09:34:59.67 [INFO] Completed: Running experimental_shell_command pantsbuild:pants-config-files
I get a bunch of these, where they get cancelled then completed. I get that the end result is correct, it is just that the logs gets a bit confusing what’s going on, and why..
yeah I have seen them too. Earlier I thought it was just during CI/CD but I have seen them locally too
The pants blog has a post about it (kinda) pants does speculative execution.
Thatst guess as to what you're seeing
Yeah, was my suspicion too… assume this thread may be for verification and possible future action to help improve this to reduce the level of confusion/surprises.
Maybe we should add something to the log line to give more context on what is happening?
CC @witty-crayon-22786
yea: these are either speculation of the sort in the blog post, or speculation on the remote cache (where we fetch from the cache in parallel with running a process) agreed that they’re noisy. i’ll file an issue.
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the first item mentioned on there is probably trivial, in case anyone wants to take a stab at it… the second item on the other hand… 🤷