Q. Does pants-executed pex (pytest) targets use a ...
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Q. Does pants-executed pex (pytest) targets use a private tmp directory? Could I change the behavior?
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Yes. If you invoke
./pants --no-process-cleanup …
then those tmp directories are preserved so you can inspect them and re-run the commands interactively again using the
script which simulates the original process invoked by Pants as closely as possible (some env leaks through, iirc) https://www.pantsbuild.org/v2.12/docs/reference-global#section-process-cleanup
And this option allows you to set where those temp directories are rooted: https://www.pantsbuild.org/v2.12/docs/reference-global#section-local-execution-root-dir
I have another question: is it allowed to create any directories or files there that should persist during a pytest session, when running pytest via pants?
i'm experiencing a strange error that all docker container creation fails due to missing bind source directories which are created in pytest fixtures...
calling and printing
looks fine...
i'm creating directories like
but with
, it only shows
I think you can, but keep in mind that Pants invokes one pytest process per test file, so if you previously relied on a session fixture to setup something once for all tests across multiple files, that may not work as expected any more.
directory is created via pytest's session-level fixture
Pants only logs the temp directories used for the sandboxes where pytest is executed, if you create other temp directories, it will be up to you to preserve/log them etc…
it may be a race condition between tests
i'm currently filtering to run a single test case using
-- -k
but if pytest process is fired up multiple times for different files and terminates immediately after "selecting" tests
then i think created-but-missing directories may happen
running tests in parallel is a very promising goal, but it seems that i need to rewrite almost all fixtures as well as letting each test to use unique TCP port numbers, etc.
i think it would be nice if there is a structured guide/description on how to migrate existing test suites to work well with pants
i will try the global option to limit the test parallelism to 1
hmm still same
I've just tried:
ls -lR
shows the directory is there and immediately creating a docker container that mounts it fails.. 😞
(of course all these tests ran fine before migrating to pants)
E               aiodocker.exceptions.DockerError: DockerError(400, 'invalid mount config for type "bind": bind source path does not exist: /tmp/process-executionHj4oGH/ipc/ipc-testing-C4tYCSqV64E/container')
i got to know the reason
my docker is installed via Snap, and the docker daemon has its own private tmp and cannot access
in the host
i've changed
in pants.toml to
and it now works with the mounts
i think it would be good if the pants documentation has a note about this in the common troubleshooting page
i've submitted a suggested edit to https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/troubleshooting
please feel free to edit/clean up it and apply 😉
Thanks 🙏