Hi, does anyone have pointers on how to launch mul...
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Hi, does anyone have pointers on how to launch multiple pex_binary targets simultaneously? I have a robotic system with a bunch of components that need to be started together, and wondering if
pants run
has some built-in tools for that. Thanks!
./pants run
is designed to run a single binary in the foreground, usually for manual testing and debugging, or for running scripts that are part of the development workflow. Is that the case here? Because for "production" or more lifelike cases you'd probably
./pants package
all the targets into .pex files and then run those outside of Pants
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Okay, glad to know what the paradigm is! Yes, initially looking at dev/demo workflow, but looking for a good system for launching all of these in deployment also.
So even for dev/demo workflow, you can't run multiple things in the background, so building pexes and running them might be the way to go for now
It is an interesting use case though
because for that single foregrounded process, Pants can do hot reloading on changes
And it might make sense to want hot reloading of multiple processes