Check out <@U02RUEH9C1L>ā€™s docs for the upcoming H...
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Check out @witty-family-13337ā€™s docs for the upcoming Helm support!
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just noticed I forgot to add a section on dependencies with other charts or third party chart artifacts, I will get an edit with the additional docs.
Looking at that now
just got the email notification, thanks!
Re that, when you say that Pants will inject BUILD file dependencies into the Chart.yaml, I assume it only does that to the copy in the sandbox, and doesn't modify the real Chart.yaml in your source tree?
And either way, can you explain the benefit of this? It's interesting, and something we don't do for other languages/frameworks
ah yeah, should probably explain that better when I made the original PR, open to debate whether we should keep it
the original Chart.yaml file in the repo doesn't get modified, it does that to the copy in the sanbox
this was motivated by the fact that Helm commands expect having a copy of the dependencies in the Helm chart sources under a folder named
at least it requires that for those that do not have an origin repository, which could be any first party dependency
for third parties it tries to find them under that folder, and if not there, it will use the Chart.lock file to download them
Got it. Trying to understand if there's an advantage to managing deps in BUILD instead of in Chart.yaml?
mmm, in way, it was just like a nice to have, in case an end user puts them in the BUILD file but forgets to update the yaml
the behaviour could be changed to make pants fail if there are dependencies in BUILD file not present in the yaml
after all, what Helm tools care about is the yaml file