I am upgrading from pants 2.9.0 to 2.11.0 and `pan...
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I am upgrading from pants 2.9.0 to 2.11.0 and
pants export ::
is taking significantly longer. From 20 sec to 150 sec. Is that expected?
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I had a similar thread about this in the past.
Will see if I can find it but TL;DR is yes
Newer versions make a legitimate venv rather than symlinking to pants internals
thats painful. export is not caching results any more either.
here is the thread
I raised similar concerns and hopefully they can be improved in the future. I don't think the venv should be reconstructed from scratch each time.
I also tried this in 2.13.0.dev2 and that takes 330 seconds.
Thanks for the details
What I'm doing in the meantime for some of my repo bootstrapping steps is to check myself if the venv has been set up and maintain a digest within the venv of how it was constructed. Then I can have my script more intelligently call
if something like
has changed.
This obviously doesn't catch cases like someone randomly `pip install`ing things in the exported venv. It just assumes good intentions since it's really just for development ease and not for anything critical on our side.
this is worth reporting a bug for, i think. there were a few different changes, but this increase in time was not an expected side-effect.
sorry for the trouble there.
i’ll comment in the other thread, since it maybe has some more details, but not all of the context on the perf impact.
I’ll create an issue. I have log output clips with -ldebug runtimes
thank you!
Some increase in time was expected, if not using lockfiles at least, but caching should still work, so this does sound like a bug