I'm trying out remote execution using buildgrid an...
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I'm trying out remote execution using buildgrid and it seems to hang on this operation: `Remote execution: Searching for
on PATH=/usr/bin/bin/usr/local/bin` Any ideas what's up? Is my config bad? Bash is definitely in
on the remote system
I have seen similar hangs with remote executions systems when there is a misconfiguration between scheduler and worker for what work the worker is supposed to take.
hm, so it's a configuration issue on the buildgrid end?
It is a likely route to rule out first.
I'll have to dig into it, I'm using a minimal default config for buildgrid
but I've never messed with this before
#buildgrid on BuildTeam Slack (which I see you are already a member of) probably will have way more knowledgeable people
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Also I suggest enabling debug logging for the scheduler and workers. You’ll want to see if you can see the worker pick up any inbound execution requests from the scheduler. I recall Buildgrid has a “pull” model for work allocation where the workers have to check in with the scheduler.
Also if you want to debug Buildgrid without the complexity of Pants, consider using https://github.com/toolchainlabs/remote-api-tools/tree/main/cmd/smoketest which is a minimal REAPI client that can run a “smoke test” on remote execution servers.
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it turns out I'm a moron and didn't realize I needed to run worker processes separately