I’m trying to setup a new environment (Windows WSL...
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I’m trying to setup a new environment (Windows WSL running Ubuntu) - is there a requirement for there to be at least a system Python 3.7/.8/.9 instead of relying on pyenv? I have pyenv installed and 3.10.2 (required by the project that Pants is running) and also installed 3.9.12 and set as global via pyenv but pants can’t find a python interpreter. I have…
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search_path = ["<PYENV>"]
and I tried adding
but that didn’t help
No valid Python interpreter found…
is the error message
is there more to the stacktrace? I'm wondering if this is the
bash runner script, vs Pants itself
impacts the interpreters Pants finds to run your own code. It does not impact what is used to run Pants itself
I'm heading to bed, but you can
set -x
at the top of the
script to get more logging Also you can set the env var
to run Pants w/ a particular Python interpreter: https://github.com/pantsbuild/setup/blob/dfc1a75baa01ee7948a4fd98bf4fd7f32df70797/pants#L26 (or edit the bash script)
Yeah, this is just from running
So yeah,
export PYTHON=/home/jim/.pyenv/versions/3.9.12/bin/python
gets things working
Cool. FYI we're discussing at Toolchain today what some of us can focus on next 2-3 weeks to improve onboarding Making it easier to install Pants is one top idea. At least once a week folks have issues with this - it's too complex
Hi all! I am trying out Pants from a M1 macbook, using pyenv for python versions and was having some issues with pyenv and pants agreeing on a python executable. Found this little thread, set PYTHON env var and it seems to be working (for now) Thanks!!
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Cool, thanks Santiago. And welcome!