IS there any sort of "repo" or awesome list of Pan...
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IS there any sort of "repo" or awesome list of Pants plugins out there? A visual representation of dependencies (using something like graphviz) would be killer , and I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this
Not exactly what you were looking for re: graphviz. There may be a list of plugins somewhere, but what I've noticed is that a lot of plugins get mainlined pretty quickly - so the docs + main pants repo are a pretty good place to start
mm… i wouldn’t recommend visualizing the rule graph for the purposes of visualizing your dep graph. the current recommendation is to use
./pants peek
and a small script to do it… which isn’t ideal
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Ah I misread dependencies as rules 🤦‍♂️
the plugin API is not currently stable (see), so while we definitely encourage folks to write plugins in their repositories, publishing them to pypi takes more caution, and means you’ll find fewer thirdparty plugins we’re very, very open to upstreaming plugins to the core though (to eventually migrate out once APIs are stable), as that puts the maintenance burden of API changes on the API change-r
FWIW I have custom code that visualizes my dep graph as a It's not hard to do using the output of
, which is machine-parseable
The Explorer UI poc also has dep graph on the list of features to add ;)
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@curved-television-6568 we could team up when thats in 😉
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Although my JS/TS is not great 😛
There's the backend stuff too + ideas and feedback :)
and I wouldn't say my JS/TS is that great either 😂
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We will also soon have something fun to announce in the area of visualizing dependencies... Stay tuned!
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