For the code in `[pylint].source_plugins` , I woul...
# general
For the code in
, I would like to use the resolve from
, but setting
in the source_plugins BUILD file, says that pylint is not a valid resolve name. Is there a good way to tie that code to the tool's lockfile?
this would be I was doing prework but didn't finish making tests happy
I added a comment in the issue. Thanks for the pointer
ohhhh I totally forgot about this ticket
that modeling is definitely a bit weird / some duplication...but I think it should work
Just read the issue description and yeah that looks like my precise issue. I'll check out the rest of the discussion later
fyi there isn't much discussion. only reason the issue is still open is we need to write tests to confirm this works
source plugins are so niche that I suspect this design is "good enough"
Man. I'm tripping over lots of niche stuff as I try to add pants to StackStorm. 😅
Or maybe it's just those pylint plugins that keep messing with me. I've grown a strong dislike for pylint... 😜
me too