Q. How do I let Pants to install a specific packag...
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Q. How do I let Pants to install a specific package from a locally built wheels (e.g., "wheelhouse" directory) while fetching others from the PyPI? In other words, could I use something like pip's
option? The reason is to install a custom built
wheel on M1 Macs, because Google is distributing a x86-64 wheel file mislabeled as universal2 and this is breaking all gRPC-dependent codes in M1 Macs.
In this case, we are separately building the
wheel file during installation and then invoking
to do the rest. I'm concerned about building the wheel file individually by developers would make the lockfiles to be changed everytime they run the installation script. Could I make pants/pex to just refer a file without digest of it?
No. If you're using a lock file there is no escape hatch (partial lock). It's all or nothing.
Fortunately, Google began to work on this issue: https://github.com/grpc/grpc/pull/29857 ....