Question: We have a dependency on tensorflow. Unti...
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Question: We have a dependency on tensorflow. Until now, we have been using the
package from linux development machines. To support development on m1 mac, we need to use the
package, with the module mapping
"tensorflow-macos": ["tensorflow"]
. This causes ambiguity for tensorflow dependency inference. Any advice on how to handle this? Thanks!
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The target src/python/path/to/ imports `tensorflow.keras.layers.LSTM`, but Pants cannot safely infer a dependency because more than one target owns this module, so it is ambiguous which to use: ['3rdparty/python#tensorflow', '3rdparty/python#tensorflow-macos'].
Hi Dave, I’m not exactly sure, my guess would be to try with multiple resolves.. maybe? (there may be better ways)
Multiple resolves does fix the immediate target ambiguity issue. But, what I am then struggling with is that one resolve is compatible only with a Mac environment while the other is compatible with Linux. If I parameterize the resolve of this python_source target to include both resolves, then I will end up with an incompatible resolve in either environment. I can probably do something like create multiple targets for any dependees of this python_source, and use tags to exclude those targets which are not compatible with the developers environment. A better approach might be to parametrize the resolve for the dependee targets, but make this parametrization environment-aware such that it excludes any resolves which are incompatible with the local environment. Not sure if this is possible. Maybe I can try a macro
Yeah, I’m a bit hazy on all the details here..
I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂
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i had this question before! unfortunately it’s hidden in slack history. this is what we have in our `pyproject.toml`:
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tensorflow = { version = "2.7.0", markers = "sys.platform != 'darwin' or platform_machine != 'arm64'" }
tensorflow-macos = { version = "2.7.0", markers = "sys.platform == 'darwin' and platform_machine == 'arm64'" }
this is what we have in our root `BUILD`:
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        "tensorflow": {
            "dependencies": [":tensorflow-macos"],
Thanks! My current working version is this:
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        'tensorflow == 2.7.0; sys_platform != "darwin"',
        'tensorflow-macos == 2.7.0;   sys_platform == "darwin"'
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( I should add the arm markers - funny that tensorflow has the x86 mac artifacts instead of tensorflow-macos
Haven't updated here because I ran into lots of other fun dependency issues with arm mac. (not pants/pex related)