Hey, Im trying to run pants 1.3 in a M1 Apple Sili...
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Hey, Im trying to run pants 1.3 in a M1 Apple Silicon host running within a docker container of python 3.6.14-buster. Im getting a disconnect of the the Nailgun Server, before anything happens. Below is the stacktrace running
./pants --version --print-exception-stracktrace
you’ll want to check
(iirc: 1.3 is very, very old at this point).
actually, it looks like you mean 1.30, which makes more sense
but yea, the startup sequence of the daemon should be logged there.
you should also see whether increasing the log level renders anything else that is useful:
Below is what is thrown when running
cat pants.d/pantsd/pantsd.log
@witty-crayon-22786 Ive tried running
./pants --version --print-exception-stacktrace -ldebug
on multiple occasions before, It doesnt seem to give any useful information. other than a Nailgun Error. Below is the stack trace when invoked
@happy-kitchen-89482 Any suggestions?
@wide-monitor-51514: what do you see when you set