I'm trying to add `python_distribution` in the Sta...
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I'm trying to add
in the StackStorm repo... 😰 I've got the targets setup, a plugin to configure setup.py kwargs, and macros to reduce a bit more of the boilerplate. So far so good. But, I'm struggling with
for the `python_distribution`s. In the old/manual setup.py (that I want to avoid because of so much copy paste, including copies of
functions... ick), it just used
packages=find_packages(exclude["setuptools", "tests"]),
to get the single package in that directory. Do people often have to add dependencies to all of the sub directories? I keep getting
NoOwnerError: No python_distribution target found to own
<some file or other that changes every time>. Is there a way to force pants to build incomplete wheels? I want to see what it has so far, but it seems I have to have all of the inter-dependent packages configured first.