So, I often have pants running in one terminal, an...
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So, I often have pants running in one terminal, and then I open a file in vim in another terminal. vim creates its temporary file which triggers pants file change detection and then it restarts whatever pants goal I had running in the other terminal. Is there a way to get pants to ignore vim's swap files? I tried adding
but that didn't seem to do anything. If I don't want to interrupt pants' process, then I make sure not to save until it's done. But, I can only do that if I opened the file before pants started.
it also creates
files… take a look at the
during one of those edits, and you can see which files are being created
Oh that's helpful. I didn't think of checking the log. Apparently, vim was creating
files. I've never seen that
at the end before... weird. Thanks! Now it's working better.