Hello guys, I am looking for a toy example of util...
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Hello guys, I am looking for a toy example of utilisation pants with Poetry. I have read already all messages here with key a word ‘poetry’. My case is really simple, there is a mono repo, where I want to build two libs (A and B), so that B depends of A and shares the same namespace. Could you share please any examples for inspiration?
Pants is definitely designed for your use case
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Not sure that you would need poetry, but Pants can consume Poetry requirements in a pyproject.toml
Does each of your libs have its own pyproject.toml for example?
And the pants repo itself is an example of a much bigger monorepo
Ok, thank you @happy-kitchen-89482 Yes two libs have their own pyproject.toml and own .lock We have already used poetry to list the packages and resolve the conflicts, so we re happy with it. The idea is to have poetry for package management and pants to build the packages from our monorepo Does it seem to your a good way to combine those two tools?
By package management, what do you mean? Just publishing to PyPI? If so, at that point Poetry isn't doing much.
@enough-analyst-54434 in our case the package management is : a dependency resolver, a publisher, an installed packages manager, a virt env manager
Yeah, that makes sense and sounds typical for Poetry use. It starts to sound a bit strange though when also using Pants since it does all those 4 things as well. It makes sense during transition of course, but I don't fully understand what it means to use Poetry for those 4 things long term and yet still use Pants. I'm genuinely curious. This has been a long term confusion of mine.
For now it’s a legacy, and yes if it’ll be enough the pants for all use cases so it’s even better :)