Is this even possible to have different wheels for...
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Is this even possible to have different wheels for different platforms for a given python package fetched from two different pypi server?
I think that should work? Are you seeing otherwise?
I haven't tried it properly yet. So PEX should figure it out itself when generating locakfile as long as I provide correct extra Index url? Or do I need to do something else?
I think so, @enough-analyst-54434 will know for sure
I have no clue actually. This boils down to what Pip does and I'm not sure. I agree that it should search all indexes and not stop short, but you could imagine it stops short if it has found a resolve solution; so - try it out and please let us know what you find!
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However, if Pip does stop short, you can use a trick: For each wheel you need from your alternate index, instead of add that index, add a requirement on the wheel URL with an environment marker tacked on the end to make sure that wheel is only used when needed. Like so in a requirements.txt:
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foo==1.8  # The normal requirement where most wheels are on PyPI
foo @ <https://my/index/foo-1.8-X-Y-Z.whl>; sys_platform = "linux"'
foo @ <https://my/index/foo-1.8-A-B-C.whl>; sys_platform = "darwin"'
... etc ...
This is an untested trick, so I may have some spelling wrong, but the idea should definitely work.
So fetching wheels from different pypi server works as long as there is no duplicate. We fetch M1 wheels from private pypi and the rest from public one.