Hey folks, I just <submitted a bug report on Githu...
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Hey folks, I just submitted a bug report on Github that'd I'd love to get people's thoughts on. Not sure if this is an actual bug or if I'm doing something silly here. Looking forward to working with you all on this! I'll be AFK in about 30 minutes and will be away until tomorrow sometime (or perhaps all the way until Monday), but I'll be responsive on this when I get back to a computer
I responded on the ticket, but 2.11.1 looks like a 1st good step. Its changelog indicates a likely related fix.
^ I did not read well at all - stopped short on package and assumed python package - aka
. You were through enough to include BUILD file snips though and those are not this. 2.11.1 is very unlikely to fix.
No worries! Thanks for looking into it. Let me know if there is any additional information I can add to the ticket to help you all out
I found a workaround for this bug I encountered (described on the Github issue), but the fact that my workaround works seems to indicate to me that this is indeed a bug with pants and not an issue with my local docker setup.