I’m looking at `vcs_version` <https://www.pantsbui...
# general
I’m looking at
https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/generating-version-tags#the-vcs_version-target So, how do I populate a
version from
I’m using setup.py, but it looks like the target definition is the same for PEP-517 w/ pyproject.toml
I can't think of a way to do that at present, that would require more Pants changes
If you have a handwritten setup.py then it can consume the generated version by importing it or loading it or whatever
but it sounds like you're asking for a generated setup.py?
Yeah. I want to get away from the brittle copy/paste job that leads to so many out-of-date setup.py files.
Right now, I have a SetupKwargs plugin that pulls the version from a file. I should be able to keep using that, but use the generated version file instead of the hard-coded one right?
I think so, if you add a dep on the vcs_version target
Also note that vcs_version is available in 2.13
that doc is in the 2.12 docs version due to a publishing error that I am trying to figure out
OK figured that out... 🙂
Cool. I'm on 2.14.0.dev0 because of the new