Hello Pants Community, I'm fairly new to pants and...
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Hello Pants Community, I'm fairly new to pants and want to see if anyone has a suggestion for how I can improve the below. I have a project with a few dozen pants targets. I want to check if a given target has changed since a given git tag. My current approach is to call the below once per target and tag combination:
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f"./pants --changed-since='{tag}' --changed-dependees=transitive filter --address-regex='{target}'"
This seems to give me what I want but it takes a while to run and, when multiplied by the number of combinations that I have, when i run all of my combinations serially, it adds ~10-15m to my deploy step in my CI, which is much longer than I'd prefer. So, my question is, is there another way to achieve this result which is quicker? My current solution is to run this parallel in separate jobs for each combination but, for various reasons, this isn't really how I'd hoped to solve this.
I think you can do
./pants --changed-since={tag} list
to list everything that's changed since
is deprecated as a standalone goal, you can just apply
to any goal