Hey folks! My dependency generation is hanging wh...
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Hey folks! My dependency generation is hanging when I try and use a nightly release of PyTorch. I have a downloaded whl inside a local directory. Things work fine with 1.12.0 which is the latest stable release. But when I try and install the nightly (
) my
just hangs, it’s been going 1700s now. Is this some kind of parsing thing?
Oh interesting, that could be it. If I understand correctly this is because of somewhat uncommon metadata in the
itself. Is there some way I can modify the
to make it compatible with the older Pants release?
You can always try upgrading Pex, it has a very stable interface that permits that. An example is here: https://github.com/lablup/backend.ai/pull/545/files#diff-0e52f2670837f305c9a0d8be0f90156bf366431563506c21584fa2ea4f42ba1fR50-R59 Just follow Joongi's example but for Pex 2.1.100.
The metadata is non-trivial to track down. It could be in any of the direct or transitive dependencies that are being solved for when locking.
By the way, there are much newer 2.13.x versions: https://pypi.org/project/pantsbuild.pants/2.13.0rc0/ And of course even newer 2.14.x versions. Either way though, Pex 2.1.100 hasn't quite landed in either; so you'll need the
edit anyhow.
mmm okay maybe I’ll wait for the new Pex to land and then upgrade it, until then I can try reverting PyTorch to 1.11.0 to fix the bug they introduced in 1.12.0 🙂