Hi everyone! Maybe you can help to understand some...
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Hi everyone! Maybe you can help to understand some Pants machinery. I have enabled code coverage for the project and found that I start receiving such error on CI for each job, where all test results were memoized:
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āœ“ <test_name1>.py succeeded in 10.65s (memoized).
āœ“ <test_name2>.py succeeded in 19.10s (memoized).
  Wrote test reports to .test_results
  Error: 4.58 [ERROR] 1 Exception encountered:

ProcessExecutionFailure: Process 'Generate Pytest report coverage report.' failed with exit code 1.
  No data to report.
Looks like we can't gather coverage data without actual test run? Is my observation is correct? Should I create an issue on the GutHub or am I doing something wrong here?
Hmmm, that shouldn't be the case. The output of the memoized runs, including their coverage, should be available to downstream processes
What happens if you run with
to turn off the daemon that memoizes?
I will try to verify tomorrow and let you know.