Hello everyone, is there a way to install Pants wi...
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Hello everyone, is there a way to install Pants without the
script? Or maybe an already built Pants Docker image (I can't seem to find one)? I ask because we are using Concourse CI and I want to create a Docker image with Pants pre-installed.
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I'm very invested in the solution to this too. What have you tried, and why doesn't it work?
I tried making a VS Code workspace essentially (dockerized container that VSCode uses automatically) so that I could do easier remote dev, but I was very new to Pants and it failed for some reason. However, in thinking about it, I don't know why it shouldn't work if you use pants as an entrypoint.. ... Will experiment and be back shortly
Thank you for your help. For now, I'm still figuring out what is the best way to run my tests with Pants in Concourse CI so I haven't start anything yet...
Ah, okay - I'm running some ideas right now, this is a problem I needed to solve a while ago and completely forgot! I'll report back if I get anywhere useful
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ok, turns out previous me might just have been a simpleton - it works fine just doing the most obvious stuff.
git clone git@github.com:pantsbuild/example-python.git
And in there, create this Dockerfile:
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FROM python:3.9-bullseye
COPY . /app
CMD ["bash"]
And then build and then
docker run image-name /app/pants lint ::
The optimizations are around storing/caching the Pants cache maybe, so it doesn't re-download each time, so maybe a base Pants 2.x.y image, and then keep the Pants cache as a volume
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If there is a good docker pattern, might be worth having some official Docker images for those teams who use docker to keep their devs in sync. I have a bunch of Dockerfiles I use against my source working directory (as a volume) or just use as full blown dev environments, and it can streamline a lot of headaches on Mac (building the Linux kernel, anyone?)
cc @ancient-vegetable-10556, who is looking into alternative installation approaches πŸ™‚
Hi! I am currently exploring whether we can make Pants work as a standalone binary. It’s interesting
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@wide-midnight-78598 The problem I see with this Dockerfile, is that it bootstraps Pants every time you run a command...
this may help: https://gist.github.com/asherf/a71eba185c900f47b82007470dc377d1 There are basically 3 files, pants bootstrap script and a docker file used to prepare pants in the container during the container build process. and a modified lightweight pants script (that should be in the repo) that will use that bootstrapped version and will break if it is not there. Hope it helps.
Wow, good job!
The problem I see with this Dockerfile, is that it bootstraps Pants every time you run a command.
Yeah for sure, that's what I mentioend above - doesn't cache anything. Previously when I tried something like this, errors were thrown What Asher did was what I was recommending. Essentially, cache all that setup. I was also recommending creating a volume to cache the results of the lockfiles being downloaded and installed too, so that way you can save a step (probably less of a concern in CI?)
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Ok, sorry for my misunderstanding. By caching, I thought you meant caching the results of process execution...
In re-reading what I wrote, I was super ambiguous πŸ™‚