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Attached: whitepaper "DevOps Setups: A Benchmarking Study 2021"
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There's an interesting section starting at page 23, titled "Winning DevOps with a Self-Service setup build by platform teams" which I think many folks here will find things to have strong opinions on! 🙂
I love the opener:
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The mission
As usual, from the why. When building an Internal Platform team, it is key that you clearly define its purpose and mission. "To build the tools (IDPs) that enable developers to ship scalable applications with high speed, quality and performance" is a good example. Whatever makes the most sense for your organization. Make sure you set this in stone. Along with the mission statement, it is important that you establish early on that the Platform team is not to be seen as some sort of extension of the SRE or Ops teams, but rather as its own product team, serving customers (app developers) within your organization.

This differentiation is crucial not only from an engineering and product point of view but also from a management perspective. In order to get buy-in on different levels, Platform teams cannot afford to be speaking only the technical language. They also need to master the business lingo too. It is critical for the long-term success of any Internal Platform team that it gets seen within the organization as not yet another cost center we are adding to our already expensive engineering balance sheet. Instead, it is a value center for all other app development teams and - eventually - for the end consumer.