Is there some recommendations about managing pants...
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Is there some recommendations about managing pants cache? I have my
getting 40GB right now and I'll run out of space soon. I could just
rm -rf .cache/pants
I guess, but I was wondering if there is a command or something to trim old stuff or anything.
It's for CI, but I think it's also useful for local systems:
good old
rm -rf
40GB!!! Can I ask which backends you're using or what you're doing with that? I use pants in multiple projects daily, and I'm at 2GB (cleared it out a week or two ago, while I was doing some backend development work)
I don't think I've ever had it go above like 5?
contains the
which contains installed packages, which can get HUGE 🙂
we certainly have a relatively large amount of dependencies but all are below 250MB (otherwise, Lambda would barf 🙂 ). My cache was actually 20GB, I had a
directory that was also 20GB ^^