Hi, It’s not very clear to me how the `complete_pl...
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Hi, It’s not very clear to me how the
option should look like in
The docs for pex says
The complete platform can be either a path to a file containing JSON data or else a JSON object literal.
On the other hand, docs for pex_binary says
Complete platforms should be addresses of
targets that point to files that contain complete platform JSON as described by Pex
I think an example would be helpful like we have for platforms
Even better imo would be improving the API: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/15234 Help absolutely appreciated if anyone is interested
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I would be interested in making the required change. Although from the ticket it’s not very clear to me what needs to be done.
awesome! I will add some thoughts
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opinions on whether we should support this?
or else a JSON object literal.
It's easier if we only do file paths
I think it's alright as long as we make it clear in the docs.
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commented 🙂