Pants monorepo for a company is not as attractive ...
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Pants monorepo for a company is not as attractive as Bazel monorepo. Python is the first class language of Pants. Modern Data/ML Stack relies heavily on Python. Let Data/ML dance with Pants!
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We do have a lot of use in the data science space, and those use-cases are one of the reasons we focused on Python initially, and then Scala next.
I’d argue that Pants is a better choice for many other areas as well, but Data Science/ML is where we should really shine.
However, not many of the core Pants maintainers have much personal data science experience as a user, so we welcome suggestions, designs etc!
I think the most important thing for Pants on Data/ML is adding SQL support now!
What kind of SQL support would be useful?
Just like the shell language support, format and lint is good enough for the sql language. Using SQL Lint tool like:
For Data Engineering, we care about Redshift SQL/Spark SQL/Google BigQuery/… It is covered in sqlfluff:
And for backend purpose, an integration with flyway would be a great next step.
Things like dependency inference are called sql lineage: This is the third step.
dbt is the super star in data stack using SQL and Python.
That’s all great info
Would you mind opening a ticket for this, with all those links and details?
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Then we can track it